Alexey Kavokin

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Scientific interests
Theory of light-matter coupling in semiconductor hetersotructures: exciton-polaritons. Optics of quantum dots.Cavity quantum electrodynamics. Microcavities, theory of polariton lasers.Bose-Einstein condensation and superfluidity. Partially disordered semiconductor systems.Rayleigh scattering.Weak localization. Photonic crystals: negative refraction, Bloch oscillations of light. Magnetic polarons.Bi-polarons and collective magnetic polarons. Superconductivity.Concept of light-mediated superconductivity. Plasmons.Concept of Tamm surface plasmons. Recent works: Spinoptronics, exciton spin transport, quantized vortices, spin textures, spin switches, hybrid Fermi-Bose systems, unconventional superconductivity.
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