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Veronica Burobina

19 mar 2019, TU 🕝11:40

room М404

Enhanced magnetic cooling technology. Magnetocaloric effect in absence of external magnetic field.

Gleb G. Kozlov

4 mar 2019, MO 🕝11:40

room М404

Double Larmor frequency in spin noise spectrum of atomic vapours

Marina V. Komarova

26 feb 2019, TU 🕝11:40

room М404

Stepic, Overleaf, Wolfram-cloud and other ways of effective interaction with bachelor and master students

M. M. Glazov

22 feb 2019, FR 🕝14:30

room М404

Purcell effect in Van der Waals heterostructures

A. Rybkin

15 feb 2019, FR 🕝14:30

room М404

Rashba spin-orbit and exchange coupling in graphene

A.V. Kavokin

8 feb 2019, FR 🕝14:30

room М404

Polariton qubit

M. A. Prosnikov

29 jan 2019, TU 🕝11:40

room М404

Magnetic and lattice dynamics of antiferromagnet metal oxides

Yu. V. Kapitonov

4 dec 2018, TU 🕝11:40

room М404

Polarimetry of photon echo in quantum wells

A. N. Anisimov

27 nov 2018, TU 🕝11:40

room М404

Magneto-optical resonance spectroscopy and microscopy of spin color centers in silicon carbide, promising for the creation of quantum magnetic field and temperature sensors

Kirill Kavokin

16 oct 2018, TU 🕝11:40

room М404

Spin thermodynamics of ferrocoloids

Aleksandr Golovatenko

9 oct 2018, TU 🕝11:40

room М514


Marina Semina

28 sept 2018, FR 🕝14:30

room М404

Dissociation of Rydberg excitons in an electric field

Ivan Iorsh

4 sept 2018, TU 🕝11:40

room М404

Nonlinear quantum optical effects in 2D nanostructures and metamaterials
based on doctor of science thesis

Pavlos Savvidis

1 june 2018, FR 🕝14:30

room М404

Lattices of Spin-polarised Interacting Polariton Condensates: A novel quantum simulator platform

Ivan Ryzhov

29 may 2018, TU 🕝11:40

room М404

Report on visit to Wurzburg university

Nina Fröhling

24 apr 2018, TU 🕝11:40

room М404

Fourth order spin correlation functions in semiconductor quantum dots

Eougenious Ivchenko

20 apr 2018, FR 🕝11:40

room М404

Photovoltaic effects in Weil semimetals

A. K. Vershovskii

17 apr 2018, TU 🕝11:40

room М404

Quantum magnetometry: the principle and modern achievements

A. V. Kavokin

13 apr 2018, FR 🕝11:40

room М404

Polariton laser on transition metal dichalcogenides

Mikhail Glazov

3 apr 2018, TU 🕝11:40

room М404

Weak localization and spin relaxation of electrons in semiconductors

Roman V. Cherbunin

27 mar 2018, TU 🕝11:40

room М404

The heating of a nuclear spin system by an alternating magnetic field

Kirill V. Kavokin

20 mar 2018, TU 🕝11:40

room М404

Nuclear spin relaxation in p-doped GaAs

Vasily A. Kravtsov

13 mar 2018, TU 🕝11:40

room М404

Near-field spectroscopy of single molecules, two-dimensional materials, and localized plasmon modes

Dmitriy S. Smirnov (Ioffe Institute)

27 feb 2018, TU 🕝11:40

room М404

The theory of spin inertia in quantum dots

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