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Ivan A. Solovev

3 oct 2023, TU 🕝12:00


Coherent optical dynamics of excitons and trions in semiconductor quantum wells (based on materials of the PhD thesis)

Natalia R. Grigorieva

26 sept 2023, TU 🕝12:00


Exciton states in narrow quantum wells InxGa1–xAs/GaAs

Maksim S. Lozhkin

19 sept 2023, TU 🕝12:00


Backscattering of medium-energy electrons in solids and their influence on the processes of induced deposition of hydrocarbons (based on materials of the PhD's thesis)

Sevastian V. Shapenkov

12 sept 2023, TU 🕝12:00


The relationship between the atomic structure and luminescent properties of extended defects in gallium nitride (based on materials of the PhD's thesis)

Matvey Bataev (1 y.), Zheng Shiming (2 y.), Maksim Chukeev (3 y.)
Maria Kuznecova

27 june 2023, TU 🕝12:00


Postgraduate student report for the 2022/2023 academic year, as well as a report on the laboratory’s activities for January-June 2023.

Dmitriy S. Smirnov

13 june 2023, TU 🕝14:30


Generation of many-particle entangled states of nuclear spins in FAPbBr3

Philipp S. Grigoriev (SOLAB)

9 june 2023, FR 🕝14:30


Pre-defense of student work

Philipp S. Grigoriev (SOLAB)

30 may 2023, TU 🕝12:00


Interpretation of excitation spectra of non-radiative broadening of excitons in quantum wells in a magnetic field

Andrey S. Kurdyubov (SOLAB)

16 may 2023, TU 🕝12:00


New samples with microcavities grown at the Nanophotonics Research Center of St. Petersburg State University: experimental studies and plans for the future

Irina A. Yugova (SOLAB)

2 may 2023, TU 🕝12:00


Three-pulse photon echo from an ensemble of localized excitons

Mark A. Akmaev

25 apr 2023, TU 🕝12:00


Exciton dynamics in monolayers of transition metal dichalcogenides (based on Ph.D. thesis)

Boris F. Gribakin (SOLAB and University of Montpellier)

18 apr 2023, TU 🕝12:00


Spin-lattice relaxation of nuclei on a two-dimensional electron gas in a CdTe/(Cd,Mg)Te quantum well

Valentina M. Litvyak (SOLAB)

11 apr 2023, TU 🕝12:00


Manifestation of various types of nuclear spin interactions in experiments on the study of thermodynamic characteristics of a cooled n-GaAs nuclear spin system in a zero magnetic field

Sergey A. Pen'kov

4 apr 2023, TU 🕝12:00


Magnetically sensitive luminescent processes involving triplet molecules and excitons in nanostructures

Irina A. Yugova (SOLAB)

28 mar 2023, TU 🕝12:00


Three-pulse photon echo from an ensemble of localized excitons

Valerii S. Zapasskii (SOLAB)

21 mar 2023, TU 🕝12:00


Spontaneous Birefringence Noises in Glasses with Rare-Earth Ions

Roman V. Cherbunin (SOLAB)

7 mar 2023, TU 🕝12:00


The Role of the Polariton-Polariton Interaction in the Formation of Polariton Condensates with Nonzero Orbital Angular Momentum

Mikhail B. Smirnov

28 feb 2023, TU 🕝12:00


Phonons and structural instabilities in perovskites

Yuriy Serov

14 feb 2023, TU 🕝12:00


Polarization spectroscopy of a single spin in QD with its orientation through projective measurement

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23 dec 2022, FR 🕝12:00


Сompetition for young scientists for the prize. I. Ya. Gerlovin

Ekaterina Aladinskaia (SOLAB)

13 dec 2022, TU 🕝12:00


"Continuous polariton currents in an optically induced potential"

Kirill Kavokin (SOLAB)

6 dec 2022, TU 🕝12:00


"Cooling and polarization of spins using Maxwell's optical demon"

Matvey Bataev and Oleg Sultanov (SOLAB)

22 nov 2022, TU 🕝12:00


"Anti-Stokes Luminescence in Perovskite Nanocrystals in a Fluorophosphate Matrix"
"Simulation of coherent dynamics of excitons in a GaAs quantum well observed in the "pump-probe" experiment"

Valentina Litvyak (SOLAB)

15 nov 2022, TU 🕝12:00


"The role of local fields in the spin dynamics of n-GaAs nuclei"

Ivan Ignatiev (SOLAB)

8 nov 2022, TU 🕝12:00


"Excitons in quantum wells - new results and open questions"

Mikhail Petrov (SOLAB)

1 nov 2022, TU 🕝12:00


"Nobel Prize in Physics 2022"

Alexey Fomin (SOLAB)

25 oct 2022, TU 🕝12:00


"Investigation of Spin Alignment Noises in Cesium Vapors"

Maria S. Kuznecova (SOLAB)

27 sept 2022, TU 🕝12:00


"Optical properties of perovskite nanocrystals in fluorophosphate glass"

Gleb G. Kozlov (SOLAB)

20 sept 2022, TU 🕝12:00


"Optically stimulated EPR"

Maria S. Kuznecova (SOLAB)

1 july 2022, FR 🕝12:00


"Report on the activities of the laboratory in the first half of 2022"

Vladimir K. Kalevich (SOLAB)

7 june 2022, TU 🕝12:00


"Spin Kerr effect in a double quantum well induced by the exchange interaction of electrons separated by a potential barrier"

Andrey Kurdyubov (SOLAB)

31 may 2022, TU 🕝12:00


"Dynamics and control of the reservoir of dark excitons in quantum wells"

Ilya A. Eliseev

24 may 2022, TU 🕝12:00


"Optical studies of structures based on two-dimensional materials and III-nitride semiconductors"

Valentina M. Litvyak (SOLAB)

17 may 2022, TU 🕝12:00


"Effects observed in semiconductors during deep cooling of nuclear spins"

Leonid Sheluhin

26 apr 2022, TU 🕝12:00


"Ultrafast laser-induced thermal change in magnetic anisotropy in thin films of metals and dielectrics"

Philipp S. Grigoriev (SOLAB)

19 apr 2022, TU 🕝12:00


"Comparison of numerical calculations of the exciton wave function with experiment. Investigation of the oscillator strength, g-factor, and diamagnetic shift taking into account the mixing of heavy and light hole subbands in GaAs quantum wells"

Ivan I. Ryzhov (SOLAB)

12 apr 2022, TU 🕝12:00


"About the Photonics 2022 exhibition, about optical devices manufactured in Russia (lasers, optics, optomechanics, streak cameras, etc.) and about the possibilities of purchasing equipment from different countries"

Mikhail Yu. Petrov

5 apr 2022, TU 🕝12:00


"Peculiarities of Inverse Dynamics in InGaAs Epitaxial Sensing"

Kirill V. Kavokin

29 mar 2022, TU 🕝12:00


"Trion magnetic polaron in a CdMnTe/CdMgTe quantum well"

Sergey V. Grigoriev

22 mar 2022, TU 🕝12:00


"Compact neutron sources based on proton accelerators for studying matter by neutron scattering methods"

Dmitriy Loginov

15 mar 2022, TU 🕝12:00


"Exciton magneto-Stark effect in wide GaAs/AlGaAs quantum well in Faraday configuration"

Vadim Kozlov

1 mar 2022, TU 🕝12:00


"Spin noise in anisotropic media"

Alex Greilich (TU Dortmund)

15 feb 2022, TU 🕝12:00


"Long-lived spin coherence at zinc vacancies in ZnSe"

Dmitry S. Smirnov

8 feb 2022, TU 🕝12:00


"Spin dynamics of nuclei in quantum dots "

Igor Yu. Chestnov

1 feb 2022, TU 🕝12:00


"Controlling Eddy Currents of Exciton Polaritons Using an Effective Magnetic Field"

Pavel A. Belov

25 jan 2022, TU 🕝12:00


"Energy and level widths of electron-hole pairs in quantum wells based on gallium arsenide "

Seminars 2021 (Hide/Show)

28 dec 2021, TU 🕝13:00


Spin Optics Laboratory Reporting Seminar

21 dec 2021, TU 🕝12:00


Сompetition them. I. Ya. Gerlovin

Evgeniy Sedov

14 dec 2021, TU 🕝12:00


"Continuous azimuthal currents in a spinor polariton condensate"

Ivan I. Ryzhov

7 dec 2021, TU 🕝12:00


"Stimulated optical polarization-noise spectroscopy of paramagnetic resonance "

Kirill V. Kavokin

30 nov 2021, TU 🕝12:00


"Tinnitus: Statistical Mechanics of Inner Ear Receptors"

Eougenious Ivchenko

16 nov 2021, TU 🕝12:00


"Exciton oscillator strength and Sommerfeld factor in two-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenides"

Ivan Savenko

19 oct 2021, TU 🕝12:00


"Photoelectric phenomena and superconductivity in hybrid Bose - Fermi systems based on two-dimensional semiconductor structures and graphene"

Valerii S. Zapasskii and Gleb G. Kozlov

12 oct 2021, TU 🕝12:00


"Invariants of EPR spectra of impurity cubic crystals"

Vasilii Belykh

5 oct 2021, TU 🕝12:00


Microsecond longitudinal spin relaxation of charge carriers in nanocrystals of perovskites CsPbCl3

Ivan Avdeev (Ioffe Physical-Technical Institute, RAS)

28 sept 2021, TU 🕝12:00


"Fine structure of an exciton in lead sulfide quantum dots" (Based on the materials of the Ph.D. thesis "effects of inter-valley interaction in nanostructures from lead chalcogenides")

Sergey S. Gavrilov

14 sept 2021, TU 🕝12:00


"New collective states of polaritons" (based on the materials of the doctoral dissertation)

Maria S. Kuznecova

29 june 2021, TU 🕝12:30


reporting seminar on the activities of the Spin Optics laboratory in the first half of 2021

Alexey Lyubomirov, Maksim Chukeev
Alexey Fomin, Artem Evdokimov

22 june 2021, TU 🕝12:30

room М404+Zoom

results of scientific work for the past academic year

Margarita M. Sharipova (SOLAB)
Matvey N. Bataev (SOLAB)
Boris F. Gribakin (SOLAB)
(reports on their master's theses)

8 june 2021, TU 🕝12:30


"Interaction of light and heavy excitons with light in GaAs / AlGaAs quantum wells"
"Light-exciton interaction in heterostructures with GaAs quantum wells in an electric field"
"Exchange interaction of excitons with excitons and charge carriers in quantum wells"

Iana A. Babenko (SOLAB)
Valentina M. Litvyak (SOLAB)
(pre-defense of two postgraduate FQPs)

4 june 2021, FR 🕝12:00


"Theoretical modeling of the spin-dependent photon echo effect in semiconductor nanostructures"
"Study of the deformation of epitaxial layers of gallium arsenide by the method of optically detectable NMR."

Sergey Nekrasov (Ioffe Physical-Technical Institute, RAS)

1 june 2021, TU 🕝12:30


Optical orientation of spins in semiconductor quantum dots InP/(In, Ga)P and (In, Al)As/AlAs

Natalia Kopteva (TU Dortmund)

25 may 2021, TU 🕝12:30


Spin structure of a Frenkel exciton in copper metaborate in the antiferromagnetic phase

Nikita Leppenen and Dmitry Smirnov

27 apr 2021, TU 🕝12:30


Quantum Zeno effect in optical detection of spin in a quantum dot

Александр Левантовский

20 apr 2021, TU 🕝12:30


New features of MagicPlot program

Vladimir I. Belotelov

13 apr 2021, TU 🕝12:30


Excitation of spin waves by fs laser pulses

30 mar 2021, TU 🕝12:30


Phase transition in the nuclear spin system of gallium arsenide upon cooling in a rotating coordinate system

Artur V. Trifonov (SOLAB and TU Dortmund)
Yuriy V. Kapitonov (Department of photonics, SPbU)

16 mar 2021, TU 🕝12:30


Strong increase in the Lande factor q of heavy holes in InGaAs symmetric quantum dots, revealed by photon echo methods (Artur Trifonov)
Achievements and prospects of experimental studies of the photon echo at the Department of Photonics (Yuriy Kapitonov)

Valerii S. Zapasskii and Запасский и
Ivan I. Ryzhov(SOLAB)

2 mar 2021, TU 🕝12:30


Spin noise spectroscopy news and plans

16 feb 2021, TU 🕝12:30


Circular currents in condensates of excitonic polaritons

9 feb 2021, TU 🕝12:30


Dynamics of non-emitting excitons and free carriers in a GaAs/AlGaAs quantum well

2 feb 2021, TU 🕝12:30


Development of spectroscopy method for heating nuclear spins in bulk n-GaAs samples

26 jan 2021, TU 🕝12:00


Scientific news and plans

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